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ULTIM. brings together a collection of original etchings sharing the common objective of work with an abstract and geometric representation. The majority of these etchings finds their very first source of inspiration in Concrete Art, an artistic movement founded by Theo Van Doesbourg in 1930 in Paris. Nowadays, the ULTIM. artworks can be linked more directly to the “Art Construit” or Constructed Art trend, which opens arms to a wider diversity in terms of geometrical abstract art’s representations.

Most of the artists selected for the ULTIM. collection are renowned figures on the International artistic stage; for example, Aurélie Nemours, a French woman artist, who presented a solo exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou or Centre Beaubourg in Paris in 2004, one year before her death.

The ULTIM. collection offers a choice of etchings produced in limited editions through a rigorous handicraft production process. They are entirely handmade with a high quality of execution. The techniques used are diverse, but mostly silkscreens are featured. Each etching is conceived from an original artwork by a particular artist, from which are produced multiple examples. Only the best etchings are selected, then dated, numbered and signed by the artist.

The ULTIM. etchings come from the best Swiss ateliers including Atelier FANAL located in Basel, a city highly renowned in Europe for the quality of its silkscreen art. The etchings of the Atelier FANAL are regularly exhibited and sold at ART BASEL, the prestigious annual fair for contemporary art.

ULTIM. – with artworks exclusively imported to Bangkok from Europe – offers a unique opportunity for acquiring original artwork of a high standard which, is at

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the same time, reasonably affordable.

The ULTIM. Collection is managed by Eric Tilbury, architect and art historian, residing in Bangkok for many years.