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1934 Born in Omuta City/Fukuoka Pref. Japan

1952-56 Study of English Literatur at the Tsudajuku University, Tokyo, B.A.

1958-61 Study of Architecture, Industrial Design and Constructive Design at The Tokyo Kyoiku University(present Tsukuba University),

1959-60 Collaboration with organising team of ‘World Design Conference Tokyo 1960′, acquentances with the Co-directors of the Ulm School of Design; Thomas Maldonado, Hans Gugelot and Otl Aicher, and Josef Müller-Brockmann, Professor of Zürich Design School, during the conference.

1961-62 Study at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm, Visual Communication(graphic design)Department,

1962-67 Collaboration as a graphic designer in the studio of Josef Müller-Brockmann in Zurich, specially for Swiss Expo Lausanne 1964 for the Section of ‘Research, University and Education'(The architect for the building: Max Bill)

1965 Lectured about ‘grid system’ at the Graphic Department, Yale University

1967 Marriage with Josef Müller-Brockmann, Graphic Designer

1970 Guest lecturer at the Kyoto Kyoiku University in Japan

1970 Begann art under the influence of ‘Zurich Konkret School’ two and three-dimensional developments of structures

1972 First realizaion of ‘Art for Architecture’ for Community Center in Hoengg/Zurich, since then became offen the winner of various official and invitational competitions.

1974+77 The first and the second art grants from the State of Zurich

1974 First one-woman show at Galerie 58, Rapperswil, followed by numerous showes internationally

1978 One-woman show ‘Color Shadow’ at Minami Gallery, Tokyo

1979 IBM Fellowship by the Aspen Institut for Humanistic Studies, Aspen/Colorado invitation for one woman show and to attend the conference ‘Japan meets West’

1980 One-woman show ‘Color Shadow’ at Kunstmuseum Zurich

1984 ‘Language of Geometry’, Art Museum of Bern, Switzerland

1986 XLII Venice Biennale: Theme Pavillon ‘Science and Art – Color’, Italy

1987 ‘Mathematik in der Kunst’, Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany

since 1988 One-woman-shows at Renee Ziegler Gallery, Zurich

1988-90 ‘Schweiz-Konkret.Heute’, Wondering exhibitions through european cities

1989 Co-founder of the ‘Desegno’, The Society for Intercultural Studies, Munich, organized the symposium ‘The Space between, between Art and Natur’ for 2 days, 1993 in the Kunstmuseum Zurich and gave lecture: ‘Energies from Two Worlds’

1989 Guest lecturer at The University of Tucson/Arizona, gave lecture: ‘From constructive art to the Japanese Roots’

1991 Guest lecturer at University of Bogota, Architecture Dept. and one-woman show

1992 Received ‘Camille Graeser Prize’, Zurich

1992 Video film ‘Shizuko Yoshikawa’ made by Peter Muenger/Association of Artist Video- Documentation, Zurich, supported by the Swiss Government, premier: Kunstmuseum Zurich, TV: SF and TV: 3 SAT.(Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

1993 Tourng exhibition: ‘two energies’, Foundation for Swiss Concrete Art, Zurich and Cottbus Museum, Art Collection of Brandenburg, Cottbus, East-Germany

1995 ‘Karo-Dame, Constructive, Konkret and Radikal Art by Woman’, Aarau Art Museum, Aarau, Switzerland

1996 One-woman show ‘cosmic gauzes’, Contemporary Sculpture Center, Tokyo This

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show had an honour of the visiting by Michiko, The Japanese Emperess. Death of Josef Müller-Brockmann

1997-00 Groups of works of drawing ‘a roma’ in Instituto Svizzero di Roma, and paintings ‘cosmic gauzes-breathing field’

2000 One-woman show ‘a roma’ at Kunstmuseum Zurich

2004/05 Drawing studies at Instituto Svizzero di Roma in Venice

2013 Galerie Ziegler, Zurich, One Woman Show Shizuko Yoshikawa; ‘My Silk Road’ and ‘Puls’ 29.08.13 – 28.09.132012 Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg, Participation in the exhibition: ‘künstler der galerie und neuentdeckungen’,
15.09.12 – 27.10.122012 März Galerie Mannheim, Participation in the exhibition: ‘diagonale bilder’, 14.09.12 – 20.10.122012 Arithmeum/Universität Bonn, Participation in the exhibition: ‘dynamik und statik in der geometrisch- konstruktiven kunst’, 07.05.12 – 01.09.122012 MOMA, New York, reprint and edition of the poster: ‘Japanese Poster Today’ designed for the Museum of Design in Zürich, 1978 (at that time: Shizuko Müller-Yoshikawa)
www.moma.org2010-11 Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, Participation in the exhibition ‘complete concrete’ , 27.08.10 – 30.01.11

2010-11 März Galerie Mannheim, Participation in the exhibition ‘RotBlauGelb’ , 05.11.11 – 15.12.10

2010 Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, Participation in the exhibition ‘Homage to the Square’, ISBN 978-3-88434-335-1

2010 Kunsthalle Weishaupt, Ulm, Participation in the exhibition ‘konstruktiv, konkret-90 years Bauhaus’

2010 Text-publication in ‘die rückblicke, die abteilung visuelle kommunication an der hfg ullm 1953-1968′, ISBN 978-3-9394

2010 Text-publication in ‘zwei energien – geistige pyramide’ in the ‘marginale blätter-texte zur aktuellen Kunstgeschichte, Kunst im Kontext-ein Kompendium

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wissenschaftlicher Vorträge: Schriften zur Kunstgeschichte’, Bd.29, Editor: Reinhild Tetzlaff, Dr.Kovac Publishing, Hamburg, ISBN 978-3-8300-4847-3

2009 -10 Kawamura Memorial Museum, Japan, Participation in the exhibition ‘Stillness into Color: Inframince of Moonlight’ and Text-publication in the exhibition catalogue , 10.10.09 – 11.01.10,

2009 Vass Collection, Veszprem, Hungary, Participation in the exhibition ‘Swiss Konkret’

2009 Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg, One-Woman show ‘shizuko yoshikawa, my silk road’, 17.05. – 28.06.09

2008 März Galerie Mannheim, One-Woman show ‘offene mitte’, 20.06. – 19.07.08

2007 Galerie Renée Ziegler, Zurich, One-Woman show ‘shizuko yoshikawa: neue bilder’, 18.03. – 24.04.07


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